Mimi Holliday-Rubinette Shoulder Bra

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A stand-out Shoulder Bra for the season, Rubinette’s is a work of art in lavish peacock silk and exquisite noir zig-zag graphic lace. Showcasing the lace and providing incredible support, this bra is a wardrobe must have. This sophisticated bra is plush, jewel toned opulence with timeless style.

♥ Incredible fashion piece, edging out of clothes

♥ Above a D-cup, a few tweaks have been made to ensure a perfectly smooth finish, including a tiny extension of the lace on the inner corner of the cup

♥ Lavish peacock silk frames the bust, with exquisite noir zig-zag graphic lace

♥ Wide straps ensure strong support

♥ Super soft adjustable straps give size versatility