Cocktails and Rock Tales: 200 drinks to shake, rattle and roll By Jane Rocca

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The perfect book for music lovers who appreciate a finely crafted, and aptly named, cocktail. What you think determines what you drink, so says the bartender’s guidebook. After hunting down original recipes from leading Australian and New York bars, rock journalist Jane Rocca has created the ultimate guide to finding the ultimate spirit for every soundtrack. From indie to rock and noir to soul, to country and even the cheesy strains of karaoke, Cocktails & Rock Tales distills the personality of each music genre into the perfect accompanying cocktail. Try a Lava Lamp Martini while rocking out to KISS, sip on a Ring of Fire to the strains of Johnny Cash, and if karaoke is your thing, in between belting out renditions of "I Will Survive" or "Bohemian Rhapsody," soothe your vocal cords with a "Xanadu." Presented in a handy, compact, gift format, there can be little doubt this is the coolest cocktail book on the market, full of easy-to-follow recipes and beautiful music-inspired collages. But be clear on whether you’re shaken or stirred, as, after all, both the music you listen to and the cocktails you indulge in are statements of intent!