Organic Laundry Detergent


We not only love lingerie, we love organic products! Latres has a new Non-Toxic Lingerie Laundry Detergent with Lavender and Lemon Grass scent. Because we love lingerie we make our detergent for your personal items but, the detergent can be used for all of your laundry needs. 

Organic laundry detergent does not contain chlorine, phosphates, or other chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Another positive for any organic laundry detergent is that none of them contain synthetic dyes or perfumes. These ingredients can be extremely harmful to people who have sensitive skin or allergies, yet they are found in most popular brands of laundry detergent.

In fact, phosphates are a known water pollutant, and have caused considerable damage within our environment over the past 40 years. The use of phosphates has been hotly debated in recent years, as they are known to kill fish and plants, which throws our entire ecological system out of balance.

The toxic chemicals found in laundry detergents present a danger to the environment by way of the water. But guess what? They can also damage your skin and some give off fumes that you inhale when you breathe in the just dry clothes with their synthetic fragrances.

We use organic lavender or lemon oil. As you probably already know Lavender is a anti-fungi, but it has many other benefits. Here are a few:

-Stress and Anxiety






and more

Latres Non-toxic Laundry Detergent is $15 and washes up to 22 normal loads. 1/4 cup needed for 1 load. Stop by and pick yours up or shop online under Gift under $50. Don't forget your laundry bag also listed under Gifts under $50




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